A fascia runs along the bottom edge of the roof and its purpose is to carry the guttering, while also supporting the bottom of the roof tiles on pitched roofs and the overhanging drip edge on flat roofs. It is important that fascias are of good quality and installed properly. This is because they stop the water from getting inside the roof, keeping you dry.


The soffit is tucked underneath the fascias. It can be ventilated to allow air flow through the roof area. This is desirable, as it can prevent the build-up of mold by keeping the moisture out. It can also help to release heat in the summer months.


The integrity of your guttering is also important as it carries away water that could otherwise ingress and cause damage away from your roof.

Dry Ridge & Dry Verge

A dry ridge or verge system results from mechanically fixing ridge tiles or verge units to the ridges / verges of a roof in the absence of mortar. Dry systems are beneficial for a number of reasons, not least because they are virtually maintenance-free. They are also quick to install and virtually maintenance free thus providing lasting benefits for your wallet and the safety of your home.

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