Given the current levels of concern and uncertainty about ongoing energy costs amongst most home and business owners in the UK, it is certainly true to say that the option of adding insulation to areas of our buildings where it has previously been lacking is now more popular than ever. Adding insulation to a flat roof will assist in keeping the area beneath it cool through the summer but critically, warm in the winter.

At M&A we specialise in the installation of "warm roofs" which basically means that the insulation is added above the roof's structure rather than beneath it as is the case with "cold roofs" - please see the diagram in the gallery below. The beauty of a "warm roof" is that you are not limited by space and can install whatever thickness of insulation you prefer (from 50mm to 160mm) depending on the insulative value you are aiming to achieve. Additionally, as the insulation is being added from the top, there is no disruption to the normal activities taking place in the space underneath the roof - be this a home extension, office or converted garage.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information on how we can assist with insulating your home or business.